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Chesterton is a leading global manufacturer of industrial sealing products encompassing:

Mechanical Seals, a comprehensive line of seals that are seen as the industry standard for sealing pumps, mixers, reactors, dryers and other rotating equipment.

Mechanical Packing and Gaskets for reliable service for sealing rotating, reciprocating and stationary equipment

Polymer Seals, a broad range of industrial standard and custom seals for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rotating Equipment.

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  • Mechanical Seals
  • Mechanical Packing
  • Polymer Seals

Chesterton products and programs are specifically designed to help our customer lower their total operation cost, increase plant reliability and efficiency, and improve compliance.

Backed by years of experience, Chesterton’s engineering team can shed light on problems that impact production and maintenance, and bring solutions from comparable situations.

  • Application-specific solutions
  • Product concept through development
  • Engineer-to-engineer contact

Designs to meet performance requirements

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