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Dewatering applications benefit from automatic priming

Wet-priming centrifugal pumps are commonly used for dewatering applications as they are designed to prime without an external priming mechanism. However, there are also a number of drawbacks, including the need to manually prime the pump before initial operations and high maintenance costs.

A dewatering solution from SPP Pumps offers pump users with a fully automatic priming system that addresses these issues.

An automatic option

SPP-Autoprime-pump-07According to Paul Romalis, National Product Manager of SPP Pumps at FITT Resources, while wet-prime pumps have a place in the market, there is a product available that takes the priming mechanism a step further to improve reliability and durability.

“The SPP Autoprime Q Series are designed to address maintenance and usability issues of wet-priming pumps for a number of applications, including sewerage bypass, groundwater control, industrial sludge pumping, tank sediment cleaning, flood relief, emergency service pumping, pipe relining and marine ballasting.

“They feature an automatic priming system, which incorporates a 65cfm vacuum prime system with Kevlar blades. This means unlike wet-priming pumps that need to be manually primed with water before starting operation, the Q Series are able to prime fully automatically without the need to manually prime.

“This makes them one of the fastest automatic priming pumps in the market and are more user friendly as they remove the frustration of the initial manual prime.”

The Autoprime Q Series pumps can also work comfortably with total suction lifts of up to nine metres, providing greater flexibility and versatility to the end-user.

Another benefit of the Q Series is the automatic priming system driven by a magnetic clutch.

“Most pumps on the market run their priming system continuously, which can lead to costly maintenance,” Mr Romalis said.

SPP-Autoprime-pump-11“The Autoprime Q Series addresses this issue with a magnetic clutch that automatically disengages the priming system when the pump has finished priming. This saves money on fuel and the maintenance of the priming system from wear and tear.

“The 65cfm vacuum priming system also incorporates kevlar components, that are extremely durable and tolerant to heat – it is arguably the most advanced and reliable priming system currently available in the market.”

Additional features including float switches for automatic start/stop operation, dry running capability, and SmartPrime technology, further reduce pump wear and maintenance costs.

FITT Resources is the exclusive distributor of the complete SPP Autoprime Q Series throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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