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FITT Resources in Western Australia Bucking The Trend

Western Australia is starting to show economic recovery with a slow build in the mining industry, but over the past couple of years FITT Resources WA Dewatering Division has bucked the trend and enjoyed incredible growth, with double figure increases.

Western Australian Sales Manager/Business Development Manager Josh Lipscombe, talking about the reasons for the growth and how it was achieved, outlined that the key ingredients were being highly responsive to customer needs and communications, positive client relationships, and the availability of equipment and parts.

Josh also identified the quality of products FITT Resources offer to the Australian market as also being vital to the business growth.

Products such as SPP and Dragflow have proven highly successful. However, it has been Grindex pumps in particular that have been one of the driving forces behind FITT Resources’ growth in WA.

The Grindex 230v and 415v have some of the most advanced features of any submersible pump on the market. These include the air valve, which allows the pump to run dry for extended periods (complete with a 2 year burn out warranty), the phase shifter, which allows correct rotation without re-wiring, as well as the phase sequence control, phase failure guard, and temperature guard with thermal contacts in the stator opening temperature 140°C (284°F) (=SMART system).

There is also no need for any external panel making with the Grindex products, as they are a ‘plug & play’ style of pump, allowing customers hassle free dewatering and cost savings, leaving them free to get on with their project.

  • Buy Grindex Pumps Australia

    Grindex Maxi SH 37kw 1000v c/w PFD 500 Pontoon, skid & 241.1 screened cable and Macey plug

  • Grindex Pumps Australia Repair and Service

    Two Grindex Mega H 90kw 415v c/w 241.1 screened cable and Macey plug

  • Australian Grindex Pumps

    Josh Lipscombe with a Grindex Magnum H 57kw c/w 241.1 screened cable and Macey plug ready for mining site dewatering

Josh also greatly benefitted from an opportunity he had this year to visit the Grindex factory in Emmabola, Sweden.

“The factory was absolutely enormous, with the 110,000 m2 facility sitting on 330,000m2 of land,” said Josh. “They do all of their casting on site with a whopping 12,000 tonnes casted annually. They also make and build all of their own stators, mech seals, impellers, diffusers, wear plates and pump housings — pretty much all components are built in the Emmabola factory. What was very evident to me was the attention to detail, ensuring that the components, production line and assembly in the state-of-the-art facility are of the highest quality.

“It was amazing to see the Grindex vision of producing the highest quality pumps with market leading technology. No wonder using Grindex pumps enables our Western Australian clients to enjoy hassle free dewatering.”

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