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SPP Q series diversifies FITT Resources dewatering business

spp Q web photoFITT Resources strengthens its dewatering capabilities with the addition of SPP Q series pumps, which are available ex stock from June 2016.

The SPP Q series is a versatile range of pumps with six different models available, making it extremely adaptable to customer needs.

Paul Romalis, National Product Manager of SPP Pumps at FITT Resources, said the SPP range adds significant product diversification to FITT Resources’ existing dewatering portfolio.

Mr Romalis said, “The Q series is built to ensure maximum benefits for our customer’s investment. The superior design and quality materials make for less maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

This allows FITT Resources to cater for sewer bypass projects, wellpoint dewatering and general sump pumping applications, enhancing pumping solutions for construction companies, councils, water authorities, government utilities, mining and quarries.

While SPP Pumps Q series has been in Australia since 2004, FITT Resources is now the exclusive distributor throughout Australia and New Zealand, with the complete range now available.

According to Mr Romalis, while the Q series is relatively new to FITT Resources, Australian customers have been giving the pumps glowing reviews for over 10 years.


The SPP Q series has many innovative features that make it a market-leading product.

Mr Romalis said one of the key benefits is the automatic priming system driven by a magnetic clutch.

“When the pump is primed, the clutch simply disengages, saving on fuel, wear, and maintenance of your priming system,” Mr Romalis said.

“The 65cfm vacuum priming system incorporates kevlar components, which are extremely durable and tolerant to heat – it is arguably the most advanced priming system currently available in the market.

“SPP’s vacuum prime system can work comfortably with total suction lifts of up to nine meters, providing greater flexibility and versatility to the end-user.”

The Q series also offers a fully bunded skid and is acoustically silenced, with a noise rating of 65dBA at seven meters, reducing the environmental impact and allowing operation in residential and noise conscious areas.

The SPP Q series’ impeller design allows for large elongated solids handling capabilities of up to 90mm and the 65cfm vacuum pump allows a total suction lift capability of up to nine metres, making it the ideal mobile dewatering pump for sewerage bypass and high suction lift applications.

2ECDFD15-0781-4E41-AE2C9E474DB67FDBThe pump’s large fuel tanks allow it to run at full load for up to 48 hours before refuelling. The pump is compact, portable and easily manoeuvrable.

Other features include remote monitoring through an SMS system, float switches for automatic start / stop operation, dry running capability, SmartPrime technology that limits vacuum pump wear, and a lockable canopy providing protection from tampering and vandalism.

Other typical applications include ground water control, industrial sludge pumping, tank sediment cleaning, flood relief, emergency service pumping, pipe relining and marine ballasting.

The Q series is also easy to repair and maintain with a high commonality of spare parts and components throughout the range, resulting in a low cost of ownership.

For more information, please contact the team at FITT Resources.